Dream homes

Purchasing a new home is a big decision. In fact, home purchases is one of a few of life’s top most-stressful events. It’s right up there with birth, marriage, a new job, and death. It’s no wonder that many of us take our time selecting our dream home. This in turn makes the housing market one of the most competitive there is.Image result for house

With many of us vying for what is typically recognized as a limited resource — that is, living space — it is no wonder that house prices have been consistently on the rise in most areas for almost 70 years. Now, this isn’t true in all locations as there are certain factors that can adversely affect house prices… like having a huge interstate build in your back garden or having a busy flight path diverted to over your house. But on the most part… property is likely to increase in value, which is both good an bad.

First-time buyers find it increasingly difficult to get onto the proverbial property ladder. This can be attributed to increasing property prices, which have continued to out pace wage increases. Since the recent global financial crisis banks are also less willing to offer the huge loans that were common-place pre-2008. We could dedicate a post on itself to that topic… but you should be pretty familiar with the details.

What makes matters worse for new prospective buyers is people who use properties to invest their capitol. Recent pension changes have encouraged this trend, now with more and more retirees choosing to invest their pensions in property and live of rental fees than buy an annuity. We didn’t see that coming.

If you’re one of the lucky few who are able to afford a property… then the next challenge is selecting one for you. What kind of property are you looking for. Are you looking for a doer upper or are you more interested in finding that perfect abode? Maybe schools are more important than parking. Could you be a young single person with money who just wants a premium apartment?Image result for house

The fact is, that while the market is increasingly returning to become a seller’s market, there are still plenty of options for all. The only limiting factor is of course the money in your pocket. The good news is we can help you regardless of how much you earn. We get first pick of the area’s properties and provide our customers with direct access to them. We also have a staff of well trained financial advisers that can get special preferential deals on loans.

The sky really is the limit… so why wait to buy your dream home when you can have it today? We’ll have you in there before you know it. The only problem is that this will leave you with another problem to address… what furniture should you put into to your new dream home – a delightful problem to have indeed.

Stay posted for more property news.